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About Us

Our family moved to Northeast Ohio from Humble, TX (a suburb of Houston) in the winter of 2011.  Though there are many things we love about our new home here in Ohio, one thing we missed about living in South Texas was the food, especially Texas Style BBQ.

In the spring of 2016, we opened our first BBQ restaurant in Aurora, Ohio.  The lease space we were operating in had limited parking and seating which made it hard to grow our business.  When the property at 4914 S. Prospect Street became available, we jumped at the chance to move to Rootstown.  In December 2019, we opened Double R Bar-B-Que & Creamery.  We started with just BBQ, but in late January 2020, we made our first run of ice cream and opened the creamery.  Today, both BBQ and ice cream are available year-round.  Along with the traditional flavors, we also have seasonal flavors such as  fruit flavors in the summer and holiday flavors such as Pumpkin Pecan and Egg Nog for the Winter.  

We love making phenomenal ice cream, but the bigger part of our business is the BBQ.  Our briskets are hand trimmed and smoked for 12 – 13 hours low and slow on our Cook Shack commercial smokers.  Our Pork Butts for our pulled pork are also smoked 11 – 12 hours.  In addition to brisket and pulled pork, we also offer turkey breast, country ham, pulled chicken, polish sausage, chicken wings and baby back ribs… all smoked to yumminess.    

We are a family owned and operated business.  I work as the General Manager and the marketing machine.  Joe is the meat trimmer, ice cream maker and maintenance man.  Our daughter Haley is a manager when home from her studies at OSU.  Our son Sam worked with us to complete renovations, open the store and as our night manager until recently when he got a job opportunity in Columbus.   

The pandemic has been a huge hurt to us as it has for all restaurants.  We were only open 3 months when the news started breaking about COVID and stay home orders were issued.  New restaurants are fragile in normal conditions but having to deal with a pandemic and associated state orders has made every day a struggle.  We have scaled down everything possible.  But there are certain things you cannot avoid like utilities, insurance, payroll, paying start-up debt and property taxes to name a few.   We ask for your support by choosing us for dine-in or take-out when you can.  Every sale counts in terms of staying open until we have a vaccine.  We appreciate all of our BBQ fans for the support they continue to provide, both financial through sales and emotional when they tell us how much they love our food and encourage us to keep going.  From our family to yours, be safe out there.  Wear a mask, consider it your civic duty.  We will get through this.

Sharing the BBQ Love,

Susan Shomette


Double R Bar-B-Que & Creamery LLC

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